(not) On The Road Again

I’m old enough to have at least one emotional/memory/data bank full of rock songs about being on the road. At the risk of showing not only my age but my musical tastes that some people will be appalled by (in which case fuck you, at least I’m not making Simon Cowell any richer) here are some of my favourites .

And Slade

And, OK, I just listened to this with a big bout of feminist horror but, well, I liked it when I was 15.

I’ve always quite liked the idea of being On Tour, even though I’ve read enough interviews with bands to be perfectly aware that it’s not as thrilling as a bored suburan teenager with dreams of stardom might have thought. I

  • know
  • it would be mainly hours and hours of staring out of a van’s window, indifferent food, dirty washing, and then having to come home and not konw what to do with yourself.

    So it’s probably just as well that the tour I just did was virtual. And I did enjoy it. I got to sleep in ny own bed and cook my own tea every night and yet reach out and show off to large chunks of the rest of the world. If you want to catch up with me, you still can… And that’s another way in which blog tours are better than going on the road.

    30th June http://www.kayjaybee.me.uk Guest blog
    1st July http://locglin.blogspot.com/ Interview
    2nd July http://lcwilkinson.com/ Guest blog
    3rd July http://houstonhavens.wordpress.com/ Guest blog
    4th July http://alliwantandmorebooks.wordpress.com/ Guest blog

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