While a lot of us are going to be tied up with family obligations today, you never know when you might get five minutes to yourself for a little bit of a naughty indulgence.  Over at Victoria Blisse’s place, the Sunday Snog offers a selection of juicy tasters from different erotica authors, and this week I’ve decided to join in with a key moment from my first novella, Midwinter Heat.

Jon walked to the entrance with me, and put his hand lightly on my shoulder. ‘Another time, then, Lucrezia My Reflection. Next week?’

‘Could do,’ I agreed, and then, in the pub’s open porch, with the yellow light of the fake gas lamps and the sweet, piny smell of the shrubs in tubs, he kissed me. It started out as a light brush of his lips along my cheek, but I turned my face into it, gave it a second of mouth on mouth, and when he read that signal and kissed me with a bit more intent, I let myself take a step right up to him, my hand on his arm. Then we were really right up close, body to body, and the kissing got harder, tongue against tongue and fingers running down spines. I could feel myself heating up, melting, nipples hard, and wet between the legs, and I knew I ought to put a stop to it.

Jon pulled back a little.

‘On second thoughts, do you actually just want to come back to mine?’ he said. ‘We can fuck each other senseless and I’ll make you breakfast in the morning.’

‘You silver-tongued, smooth-talking bastard,’ I said, trying for and mostly managing a light, teasing tone. It wasn’t that I didn’t want to fuck him; my pussy was soaking and my nipples almost painfully tight with excitement. There was just a little warning voice in my head going, think about it, think. Don’t poke the payroll, don’t shit on your own doorstep, don’t start something with someone you’re going to have to see every week unless you’re sure you know how you want it to end. At that point, I knew I could still walk away with my dignity and both our egos intact, but a step or two further and it would be a bit more tricky. 

Want to know whether Lucy changes her mind or not? Midwinter Heat is currently only 77p on Amazon.


Product Description

Sallyanne Rogers’ debut novella Midwinter Heat joins Xcite Books Secret Library. 

Tarot reader and New Age market trader Lucy finds the cards can’t help her when it comes to deciding between two very different men. Jon the tattoo artist is sex on legs as well as being fun to hang out with, but Lucy’s not sure she wants to tame a real bad boy. Toby, the new market manager, on the other hand, is smart, sexy and in control, but may not be quite what he seems. As the Waterleigh Bridge arts and crafts market gets ready for a Christmas Fayre with a difference, Lucy needs to work out who she can trust – with her heart as well as her head.


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March 29, 2014 · 11:40 pm

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