The Filth-Peddling Parent

I know I’m not the only one.As with any other type of social gathering, when a bunch of erotic writers get together, a fair percentage of us will be spending at least a minute or two asking after each other’s offspring and possibly sharing the occasional parenting tip, whether that’s on teething, homework or getting them to wash their hair more often, before we move on to the usual business of who’s doing what these days and whether that thing in Chapter 6 is actually physically possible or whatever. But there is a need to compartmentalize a bit more if your job is writing about sex.

One thing I would say we might thank EL James for is that it’s currently a little bit less of a social apocalypse if you get asked what you do when you’re in parent mode. When my child’s teacher praised his story-writing, I didn’t self-edit in time to avoid saying, well I write a bit, too. And when she asked what sort of thing, I realised that I could go, you know that EL James? Like that only better… and the sky wouldn’t fall in.

And I’ve recently had the rather pleasurable thought that I can spend some of the upcoming Easter holidays actually combining work and motherhood. Because I seem to be on a bit of an English-eccentrics kick with the current loose series (I’ve done Tarot-reading market traders, and Morris dancing already) I can take my child along on some of my research trips.


I’ve an idea for a story set among miniature-railway enthusiasts, you see. It’s going to necessitate a few trips to some of the places where miniature trains run through enchanted forests so I can learn about the basic mechanics of the things, and how the people who run them fit their hobby into their lives – and as none of the information I need to gather is remotely adult-only, we can have loads of lovely days out – and they will all be tax-deductible too.

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