Impertinent Questions: Justine Elyot

Today it’s the turn of Justine Elyot to offer herself up for a batch of Impertinent Questions. Justine writes erotica and erotic romance, mostly for Black Lace and Xcite. I sent her a selection of questions to choose from and she very obligingly answered them all.


Do you have a fantasy cast list for your books ie actors who you think would be perfect to portray your characters on screen?

Yes, I nearly always have somebody in mind for the male protagonist and usually for the female too, but I shy away from making it too obvious or naming them online in case it spoils the story for readers who will often want to put their own preferred faces to the characters. I might have written a character or two who looks a lot this this bloke though.


What are the best and worst things about being an erotic writer?

It’s a lot of fun, essentially, and means I can imagine I have this wild and incredible life outside the reality of my rather ordinary existence. But on a personal level, it’s the necessity to keep it under wraps in my daily life. It’s very awkward when I’m asked what I’m doing with myself these days etc. and I’ve had to invent a pretend editing job to fob off some acquaintances. Very few people indeed know I do this, and I intend for it to stay that way. Second-worst is definitely the ill-repute in which we are held by the publishing establishment at large. I feel that this is getting worse instead of better, regardless of the whole 50 Shades palaver.

What was the first erotic book you read?

I often used to peek into my dad’s library books, which were epics of the blood and thunder type and usually contained one or more excruciatingly male-orientated sex scenes. But the first erotic book I read and enjoyed (although I found it rather startling in many ways) was Fanny Hill. Funnily enough, it was right there, large as life, on the parental bookshelves. My mum had signed up for some book club or other and they kept on and on sending her more and more books long after she’d tried to deregister. Fanny Hill must have been one of those, and I don’t think either of my parents ever looked at it or realised what it was. I found out at the age of fourteen. What an introduction! I loved and feared it in equal measure, I think.




Do you prefer writing novels, novellas or short stories?

I’m absolutely and most definitely a novelist. As time has gone on I’ve found shorter forms harder to approach and all my ideas and thoughts at the moment are of long stories – preferably series! As a reader, I’m a great lover of the doorstop – or set of doorstops – so I suppose this has influenced me. I like the sense of space, of being able to stretch out and take my time that a novel gives (hopefully without compromising on pace).

 What’s the wildest or most unusual fetish you’ve ever covered in your writing?

I’m usually on the tamer end of things but I think I go furthest with my corporal punishment scenes. Some of those are quite hardcore. I do like a bit of figging…

Justine’s latest book, Princess In Chains (Xcite), is available to buy on Amazon now :–Erotic-Fantasy-Xcite-ebook/dp/B00GFV1E8K/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1389887420&sr=8-1&keywords=justine+elyot+princess+in+chains



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