Impertinent Questions: Kay Jaybee


I’m happy to welcome Kay Jaybee as my subject/victim/guinea pig for a round of Impertinent Questions. Kay has written many excellent erotic novels and more than 70 short stories, and recently branched out into contemporary romance under the name of Jenny Kane.

I emailed her a selection of questions and gave her the option of choosing three to answer, and this is what she told me.

Some people think erotic writers are vamps in leather and stilettos,reclining in scented boudoirs and sipping champagne, other people think that we’re all sitting at our typewriters in egg-stained pyjamas, picking our noses between chapters. Which end of the scale do you think you are closer to?


Well- if you swap the champagne-sipping for piping-hot-cups-of-black-coffee-sipping, and the stilettos for flat knee-high boots, then that’s me! To write as Kay, I dress a little more daringly than I do when I write as Jenny Kane (contemporary romance). Shortish denim skirts, lower cut blouses – not slutty, just not crumpled-out-of-bed-scruffy as is my usual look! I find if I dress as I imagine “Kay” would dress I write better smut! Sad but true! Gotta feel sexy to write sexy!

Do you prefer writing novels, novellas, short stories or another form?

Novels! Four years ago I would have answered short stories to this question without hesitation. Now however, with several novels under my belt, I find it much harder to be concise, and so the short tale offers a bigger challenge to me than it used it. Even novellas can be tough going these days as I struggle to squeeze everything I want to say into such a limited amount of words.

What’s the most out-there fetish you’ve ever written about?

Oh my goodness, where do I start! I’ve written fetish scenes involving every manner of rope bondage you can think of, male subs, female subs, male doms, female doms, people being painted directly onto the flesh, people being tied up, tied down, gagged, spanked, probed in every way imaginable, and tortured with inaction while an orgy erupts around them!

There is one fetish you will NEVER see me write however: anything to do with feet – UG! The whole toe-sucking foot fetish thing makes me go bbbrrrrrrrrrr – says the woman who has just written a scene involving a hose pipe…


Details of Kay’s work, past, present and future can be found at

You can follow Kay on Twitter- kay_jaybee,



Brit Babes Site-


And to find out more about her contemporary romance writing, check out  

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  1. Thanks for inviting me over- Kay xxx

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